How to play the Thavil - instructional videos, 1

I have added some instructional videos to Youtube as a supplementation to the article I wrote "How to play the Thavil" . Here I have to stress again that although self education should be strictly avoided as with any other Indian classical instruments, I am putting this video as a memorandum for there seems to be no English nor Japanese information about how to play the thavil on the web at all

Three short videos about the basic stokes and basic phrases. Start slowly, play them in x2 speed, and x3/2 speed.

How to play the thavil, 1 "Tha Di Tom Nam"

How to play the thavil, 2 "Tha-KiTa KiTeTaKu"

How to play the thavil, 3 "Tha-KiTa KiTaTaKu TaKaJoNu KiTaTaKu"

I am now gradually working on subtitles and more new vidoes to add.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.